Appropriate housing technology for faster development

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Appropriate housing technology for faster development Empty Appropriate housing technology for faster development

Post by Hollie on Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:53 pm

Faster economic reconstruction plays a significant role in urban housing and infrastructure development.  Appropriate technology is required for greater economy and also to speed up the construction of houses, other types of buildings and infrastructures with essential facilities.  The technology to be applied varies from place to place and also according to the topography of the land under development.
Spectacular developments have been achieved in this regard in some countries.  In areas that are witnessing faster urban developments, the application of cutting edge housing technology is seen.  Urban housing programmes need to be implemented in a mass scale to address the needs of the people without shelter.  It may be pointed out that these are critical areas in which public private cooperation would result in achieving a breakthrough in housing development within a short period of time. 
As a matter of fact the adoption of these innovative new technologies, as may be considered appropriate in given urban situations, is greatly dependent on public-private cooperation in housing development, which should be encouraged and promoted.  In earlier times in cities like Cochin, only the prominent government agencies had a say in the urban developments.  Private initiatives were strictly regulated and were not given the freedom to operate on their own.
Today the real estate scene in Cochin has undergone major changes.  The public sector has almost completely exited from the housing sector.  Not only that, in Cochin Apartments built by the private parties do have many takers because the money invested can be realized within a short period of time due to the continuous appreciation of land and property values in this city.  The leading builders never compromise on the quality of the final product.


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