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Post by Gentillefille on Sat Jun 20, 2009 8:49 pm

As an author and fanfiction reader... I've always wondered if we have bounderies or with the freedom of the press we can do whatever we want?

When I started reading fanfictions, it took me a while to imagine our little Candy in all those situations, especially the adults one... like making love... Very Happy

I've read an horrible story on, a few years ago, where Candy was getting raped by Neil but with graphic details. The author said she hated Candy and she showed it in her writing... The fic was in Spanish, but even with the bad translations of the online translators, you could feel how horrible the story was. It was well written, but in a very bad way giving the content.

I know I've written some stories where Candy was getting raped by Neil, but I would never write graphic details on it... Well, you have to say, that if I write details of a love scene for Candy, it's always when she's married to Terry in the story... if she's married to someone else, I spare you the details... Smile

I discussed years ago with Aleksandra, one of my candyfriend. She was talking about reading fics in Russian where Candy and Terry were doing drugs... she was appalled! I tried to keep an open mind telling her that maybe the author had a purpose or a message to send... She didn't with me Very Happy

There's been fics where Candy has been portrayed wearing the Scarlet Letter by committing adultery. She's either married to Albert and cheating with Terry, or married to Terry and cheating with Albert. Either way, I don't condone adultery, having lived it, I know how much it hurts and I think making Candy an adulterous woman with not morals is wrong... True love or not... Candy, miss goody two shoes, would never commit adultery in my books!!!!

So how far is too far? What do you guys think?

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Fanfictions writing... Empty Re: Fanfictions writing...

Post by Liberty on Sun Jun 21, 2009 3:50 pm

Well certainly there are some themes on Candy fics that I don't find myself comfortable reading them
First of all I adore the romantic love scenes between her and Terry and this is because I feel that it is the right thing to do. I also don't feel bad when we "kill" Susie in our fics...Either she is killed by an illness or an accident, I really don't care as long as she is out of the picture.
But then again there are some themes that I don't like reading and this is because they have nothing to do with the whole Candy spirit. I mean it's weird to put Archie and Terry together for example (yaoi). I hate this aspect of story since there was no such hint as an erotic attraction between those two. Sure, I agree that other japanese animes have some couples who are alittle bit out of what we call normal and therefore there are stories that are based on that but in Candy there wasn't such a hint. Not even a little bit.
Also, you said something about Candy and Terry doing drugs. This is not something that I can't accept in a story if it is given properly. And this is what I mean by saying "properly". Sometimes the characters are placed in the modern times and in their teens. It is an unfortunate but a real life matter the usage of drugs by more and more teens nowadays. This means that the characters may not escape from this "social trap" and find themselves weak in doing drugs. But if in the end of the stroy that happened because they had problems and they needed to escape (that doesn't mean that I justify the usage of drugs if you have priblems, but we have to face it that some kids out there seem to believe that the drugs is the only way)and they realised that all this was wrong and they find the strength into each other to continue their lives clean then it's OK by me since the message that they give is the positive one. I haven't read the story but this is the story that I would accept.
And yeah, Candy commiting adultery is alittle too much weird for me too, because she doesn't give that image. It is very weird and I wouldn't like reading about her commiting adultery. Since I'm a very loyal person I believe that this kind of betrayal doesn't suit Candy.
Another thing is the rape issue right? Candy getting raped by the bad boy of the story, Neil. I would accept that too since he would definitely be capable of doing it and, we also have to face that too, that in real life Neil would probably have raped Candy... But this doesn't mean that you have to describe with all the miserable details the scene, since it is one of the biggest and most violent crimes. Either you hate Candy or not this isn't a reason to describe something like that. So yeah you can write about how horible Candy looked after the incident and how a traumatic experience that was, till she met Terry and blah blah blah he helped her with his love Fanfictions writing... 799501

Anyway, I believe that as writers we are free to write about many issues but I also think that through our fics we should continue keeping some things pure. Like Candy's pure heart and strong will and love. There are some things that they worth of respect and that we should try and find the romantism in that story. We don't need to destroy the whole picture. I know that many of us have thought the characters of the story in weird situations but I don't think that we should write about every single realistic and negative matter of life...We can keep a little romance and pixie dust in our stories....

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